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Is It A Dip Or Soup?

October 30, 2017

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They said eat low fat. They said buy these no-fat food concoctions. They added sugar to make it palatable. And look what happened! We are fatter than ever. We’re getting cancer and diabetes younger than ever. We are depressed and anxious. They. Were. Wrong. Eat the fat. Feed your brain. I have nothing to sell you but the chance to feel better! Full fat, full flavor, satiating brain-nourishing ketogenic yum coming right up!

Fa-la-la…ketogenic cooking is fun, experimental, and the possibilities are endless. So I started with your typical spinach dip ingredients: sour cream, parmesan cheese, cream cheese (all full fat, dontcha know), garlic, artichokes, mushrooms, pepper, and of course a mountain of spinach. Decided to get fancy and add some buttered, roasted pecans as well as turmeric. Turned out I didn’t care for the flavor as much, so on Day 2, I pulled out a box of bone broth, and added about half the batch of dip. Voila…so delicious. What started as a dip became a comforting, cozy ketolicious soup!

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 10.53.18 PM       Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 10.52.34 PM


It May Look Low Fat, But Butter, Baby!

October 18, 2017

Sure, it may look like a couple eggs surrounded by nothing but rabbit food, and you’re thinking: I’d be hungry in 8 minutes. But look closer! That is full fat sour cream atop those eggs. That broccoli mix and those pecans were cooked in grass-fed butter. And the leafy greens are drizzled with a balsamic herb dressing made from olive oil, NOT canola or soybean oil. Check that label. Eat the fat! Satiate your belly and feed that brain. Ketogenic eating is saving my bacon!

Ketogenic Meal: One Spice. One Pan.

October 13, 2017

20171013_2002411057112573.jpgOne thing I love about the ketogenic diet, in addition to eating gobs of bonafide buttah, is how simple it can be. And once you rid your taste buds of all the processed crap, the flavor of simple foods comes alive. For this scrumptious high fat-moderate protein- low carb ketogenic masterpiece, I dropped a blob of grass-fed butter into a hot pan, laid in the sea-salted steak for a minute or so on each side and set it on my plate. “Oh, look!” I said to my audience (the household pets). “I shan’t let that pan of salty, buttery steak juice go to waste, so in went the shrooms. Stir, smell, and slip and slide that buttery fungus onto your plate. And because no one wants overcooked spinach, a handful of leaves and delightful grape tomatoes can be tossed into the same pan still…even after the stove is off. And I did not have to rebutter or salt a thing. This one spice, one pan ketogenic masterpiece was brought to you by my love of a full belly and my loathing of washing dishes. Eat the fat!

Ketogenic Nutella!

October 8, 2017

Eating keto doesn’t mean you never get sweet treats. But once your body is fat-adapted because you’ve kicked out sugar, you won’t crave sweet stuff much and if you were to go back to your favorite sugary treat, it might make you sick, or taste so gross that you don’t know how you could have ever eaten it! If I hadn’t experienced this myself, I would think I was full of hot air.

So onto the nutella. I rarely measure stuff so you can experiment to satisfy your own palate. So on with the ingrediants, which I heated in microwave and stirred and heated and stirred, going slowly to make sure to not burn the chocolate…

Peanut butter, 70% dark chocolate, grass-fed butter, crushed almonds, keto-friendly sweetener, vanilla, sea salt. The almonds were the last to go in, and the strawberries on the left were dipped prior to that. Notice the smoother texture. Chill and insert into mouth. Keto…Eat The Fat!

Ketogenic Cookies

October 7, 2017

Eat the fat! The healthy oils from nuts, grass-fed butter, and say so long to massive carbs!

Use your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, but use almond flour instead, and a sweetener like xylitol (do NOT let your dogs eat this) or stevia instead of sugar. Roast pecans in butter if you fancy that! Use sea salt for extra micronutrients. And dark chocolate. Voila! Eat the fat and enjoy!

Watch Ken Burn’s Vietnam Documentary. Then read about refugees in post-war Laos. Chapter 1: Escaping The Tiger

September 15, 2017

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$3.99 on Amazon ~Vientiane, Laos April 1982

Vonlai’s father roused him in the middle of a moonless night.

“What? Stop it,” Vonlai mumbled.

“Shhh. Wake up,” Pah said, pulling Vonlai’s elbow. “We’re crossing tonight.”

Vonlai wobbled on weary legs. Pah strapped a bag of beef jerky and sticky rice around Vonlai’s shoulders. A shudder shot down his neck and his mind snapped awake.

Vonlai’s older sister, Dalah, was awake too, teetering as she sat upright on the mattress, grumbling at their mother. Meh pulled Dalah’s hair back, twisted two strands, and tied them into a knot.

“Ouch, Meh!” Dalah pulled her hair to readjust it. “It’s crooked.”

“Who will see you?” Vonlai asked.

Meh snapped her fingers to quiet them and grunted her disapproval. “Surely you don’t expect to be admired, girl? Now clear your mind and dress.” Meh’s voice cracked. “Without another word.”

Vonlai steadied his tired body against the wall. He wouldn’t add to Meh’s worry by complaining.

Pah looked out the window, his hand on the doorknob. “Walk like a tiger hunting a meal. Understand?”

Vonlai’s breath wavered as he nodded. He wanted to dive under his bed-covering, even though the night air was sticky and plenty warm. He held nothing but a pair of worn flip flops hooked through his fingers and a day’s worth of food—he needed to hold on to his nerve. Maybe his parents would see he was more grown up than other twelve-year-olds.

Pah turned the handle and walked out as confidently as if he were headed to the market. Meh stood in the doorway, knees locked. Vonlai pulled her hand. They all followed Pah out and slipped into the night. Most border patrol guards were teenagers accustomed to farming during daylight hours. They were likely to doze off under a black sky.

Read more…

Stay Woke to Freedom of Expression… Before We All Lose It.

August 19, 2017

First, I am on your side. The side that rejects evil/hate. And if any #NAZI scum ever threaten you with physical harm, I stand at the ready to open up a can of Jerry Springer on their ass.

But what does freedom of speech in America mean?

Imagine if someone insisted that you have no right to do with your body what you will. Imagine if they said your body, but not your choice. Imagine if they said it doesn’t matter that you were raped, you will carry that baby to term. Imagine if they passed laws regarding this. Now imagine if someone insisted that you have no right, under law, to voice your grievances in public.

Imagine if someone told you that our country was founded on Christian principles. That we are one nation under God. Not once nation under Allah or Muhammad or Vishnu or Buddha or mountains and streams and rocks, but one nation under the Christian God and as such, you must proclaim your commitment to that God Almighty or face jail time. Or public stoning. Now imagine if someone insisted that you have no right, under law, to voice your grievances in public.

The ACLU says that freedom of speech, press, association, assembly, and petition are guarantees protected by the First Amendment. They comprise what we refer to as freedom of expression, the foundation of a vibrant democracy. That without that freedom of expression, other fundamental rights, like the right to vote, would wither away.

The point is that you don’t have to agree with what people express. You don’t have to agree with the vitriol that Nazis espouse. It simply means, that under law, you must simply allow them to have their voice, as long as it’s not coupled with violence. So when #Charlottesville first happened, I suggested these Nazis were merely loud-mouth skinhead punks who wanted to throw a public temper tantrum, and that we should have just let them have their tantrum, their Freedom Of Expression, so that they could return to their parents’ basements to play video games and smash beer cans on their heads.

Counter protesters could and SHOULD have stood peaceful guard in CASE some shit happened, the way that counter protesters do when Westboro Baptist asshats come out to spread their hate. The way that counter protesters form human chains when those idiots try to scream their vitriol at a fallen gay soldier’s funeral. But instead, counter protesters in Charlottesville came ready for a fight, screaming that Nazis have no freedom of expression (see the irony?). No right to wave a Confederate flag. No right to voice their grievances about removal of a statue. EVEN IF that stature was erected post war as a means to intimidate.

So because both sides came ready for a fight, a fight is what happened. Consider the It Takes Two theory. Had counter protesters stood peacefully back, stood peaceful guard, there would have been no violence, no death, no media there making those one hundred or so punks seem important by providing TV coverage which increases ratings, which leads to more money for media corporations, which leads to more coverage of Nazi punks slinking out of the basement to shout their pathetic tantrums, which brings out The Sky Is Falling crowd, and round and round the cycle goes.

So #Resist, #Persist, and #StayWoke to what #freedom of expression actually means, before it is taken away from all of us.

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