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I still write. Books and a new KETO blog!

February 19, 2018

So I accidentally discovered ketogenic eating when I was looking to mitigate some very scary episodes of reactive hyperglycemia that started in January 2017, two years to the MONTH after my gastric bypass surgery. It’s a side effect I wasn’t aware of that happens 2-3 years post surgery…a side effect that happens if you do not change your WOE (way of eating). I was sleeping away entire weekends, getting dizzy, feeling faint, and scared out of my wits. So I started dabbling with ketogenic eating, which is basically clean eating, low net carbs (which means I get to eat a ton of high fiber, mostly green veggies and a few berries), a TON of healthy fats and oils (all cooking oils are NOT created equal), and moderate amounts of protein. And then I’d still gorge on sugar as food addicts will do. So back and forth and back and forth. But what happened when I got more serious during the summer of 2017 is that I started sleeping less. I was waking on my own. I was GETTING OUT OF BED, which doesn’t always happen when you have depression. Fast forward, and I am completely off 3 out of 4 meds for brain fog, depression, fatigue, and anxiety. I am happy and active most days. Enthusiastic. With far fewer mood swings and agitation. The ketogenic WOE saved my bacon. And yes, bacon is a yes, nitrite free, of course. So if you’d like to see what I eat and hear more of my story, check out the new blog. Cheers and love and peace and hope, my friends!

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