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Ketogenic Meal: One Spice. One Pan.

October 13, 2017

20171013_2002411057112573.jpgOne thing I love about the ketogenic diet, in addition to eating gobs of bonafide buttah, is how simple it can be. And once you rid your taste buds of all the processed crap, the flavor of simple foods comes alive. For this scrumptious high fat-moderate protein- low carb ketogenic masterpiece, I dropped a blob of grass-fed butter into a hot pan, laid in the sea-salted steak for a minute or so on each side and set it on my plate. “Oh, look!” I said to my audience (the household pets). “I shan’t let that pan of salty, buttery steak juice go to waste, so in went the shrooms. Stir, smell, and slip and slide that buttery fungus onto your plate. And because no one wants overcooked spinach, a handful of leaves and delightful grape tomatoes can be tossed into the same pan still…even after the stove is off. And I did not have to rebutter or salt a thing. This one spice, one pan ketogenic masterpiece was brought to you by my love of a full belly and my loathing of washing dishes. Eat the fat!

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