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Ketogenic Nutella!

October 8, 2017

Eating keto doesn’t mean you never get sweet treats. But once your body is fat-adapted because you’ve kicked out sugar, you won’t crave sweet stuff much and if you were to go back to your favorite sugary treat, it might make you sick, or taste so gross that you don’t know how you could have ever eaten it! If I hadn’t experienced this myself, I would think I was full of hot air.

So onto the nutella. I rarely measure stuff so you can experiment to satisfy your own palate. So on with the ingrediants, which I heated in microwave and stirred and heated and stirred, going slowly to make sure to not burn the chocolate…

Peanut butter, 70% dark chocolate, grass-fed butter, crushed almonds, keto-friendly sweetener, vanilla, sea salt. The almonds were the last to go in, and the strawberries on the left were dipped prior to that. Notice the smoother texture. Chill and insert into mouth. Keto…Eat The Fat!

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